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Votre entreprise a identifié un besoin de formation précis pour un ou plusieurs de vos collaborateurs ?

Une évolution de poste implique l’acquisition d’une connaissance particulière ?

BJO Formation vous accompagne dans toutes les étapes de votre projet.


  • Define your needs
    • In a first meeting, we will be able to understand your objectives and draft a preliminary training program. We will take into account your logistical constraints to define the specifications of your training plan.
  • Build your project
    • BJO Formation will come back to you with a detailed proposal: Duration of each module, contents, tutor(s). We will then work together to make adjustments and formalize the project until your validation.
  • Training process
    • Your employees will be trained in our institution located at 58, rue du Louvre in Paris, or on your premises. Their attendance will be recorded everyday. Questions or requests will be logged and communicated to the Manager of BJO>
  • Ensuring your satisfaction
    • At the end of the training you will be provided with a satisfaction questionnaire. A few weeks later we will organize a meeting with your training Manager for a full debriefing..