Qualifying Training CoursesFrench Gemmological Laboratory



The French Gemmological Laboratory offers a complete and qualifying training in gemmology.


A professional qualification program created by the best experts in the Trade, which includes the latest gemmological developments : a focus on gems new identification issues (innovative technologies, new gem treatments) will allow you to develop the necessary skills to strengthen your professional curriculum.


  • Learning to identify gemstones using appropriate methodology and technologies
  • Learning to assess the need to use a gemmological laboratory for specific gems testing
  • Learning about new treatments, the various synthesis techniques and their implications for the trade
  • Learning about production areas and new deposits


The theoretical training program focuses in particular on the following disciplines: understanding of diamond and knowledge of the various gems families, geology, crystallography, gems optical and physical properties… Lab classes will allow to put into practice, on the gems collection of the French Laboratory of Gemmology, all the knowledge acquired during training. Students will be trained to use the gemmological tools (loupe, refractometer, polariscope …), to perform identification tests and to issue identification reports.


The Training Committee’s duty is to constantly ensure that the qualifying training of the French Gemmological Laboratory answers the needs of the industry. The committee is composed of a Training Director, a Training Manager and reputable professionals.