Qualifying Training CoursesAdvanced jewellery making


The « Mention Complémentaire en Joaillerie » is a level V National Diploma. It requires full time training over a year.


The graduate will be able to complete a piece of fine jewellery ready for setting. His /her activity comes between that of the jeweller and the stone setter. He/she will be able to make the framework of a piece of fine jewellery in which stones can be set and to repair stone set jewellery.
This professional must have a good knowledge of materials including constraints related to the use of gemstones.


  • Learn the techniques used in fine jewellery:
    Graphical representation: perspective, development, projection, elevation, section.
  • Applied Arts: gouache techniques, applying gouache on technical drawings, gouache rendering of semi-precious and ornamental stones, gouache rendering of faceted gemstones, gouache rendering of jewellery.
  • Wax carving and modelling: research and study of volumes, translation, interpretation, modelling jewellery with plasticine, wax carving and prototypes making for casting.
  • Metal working: forming and shaping using blocks and punches, fabricating a variety of « bâtes »( French term for a structure soldered under a piece of jewellery to enhance its volume), à jour setting  technique (« mise en pierres, mise à jour »), collets and bezels, hinges, articulations, box clasps, bails, mounting and assembling.
  • Art and jewellery history: (the great civilizations of Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Modern times).


  • Training provided by highly skilled professional jewellers
  • Equipment, tools and materials provided by the school
  • Quarterly progress reports allowing to identify strengths and areas for improvement to pass the final exam.


  • Jeweller in a manufacturing company
  • Independent jeweller


  • Interview with a training consultant
  • Aptitude test