Qualifying Training CoursesNATIONAL VOCATIONAL QUALIFICATION Jewellery MakingJewellery making

This one year training will allow participants to master a range of jewellery making techniques and prepare them for the National Diploma of “CAP Art et Techniques de la Bijouterie-Joaillerie”, in Jewellery Making.


The jeweller creates, transforms and repairs jewellery in precious metal (gold, silver, platinum). Work is carried out in two stages: conceptualization and fabrication. Working closely with the client, the jeweller will produce detailed designs of the jewellery. It will be followed by the fabrication of the  jewellery piece  in metal directly or by wax modelling and casting processes. The jeweller will select the gemstones and prepare the metal for their placement. The jewellery will be then passed on to the stone setter and to the polisher. The jeweller can either work for a manufacturing company workshop or as an independent craftsman.

The jeweller must have a precise, thorough and artistic sensibility in line with the client preference. This enables the jeweller to reproduce and repair antique jewellery as well as fabricate own creations.


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CAP Art & Techniques de la Bijouterie-Joaillerie

  • Techniques used in Jewellery Making
    • Technical drawing and Design:Drawing tools (t-square, set square, compass,…), lines and simple structures (curves, ellipses, perspective) development, projection, elevation, section drawing, gouache techniques, gouache rendering of jewellery.
  • Metal Working/ Wax Carving and Modelling
    • Professional technology, sawing, filing, fitting, soldering and brazing, metal shaping and forming, stamping.Study of simple volumes, research work, modelling with clay-plasticine, wax carving, prototype making.

Jewellery Making

  • Art and Jewellery History
    • Historical timescale of the art of jewel and jewellery making, the great civilizations of Antiquity of Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Modern Times.
  • Introduction to Gemmology


  • Training provided by highly skilled professional jewellers
  • Equipment, tools and materials provided by the school
  • Quarterly progress reports to identify strengths and areas for improvement to  complete the final exam


  • Jeweller in a company workshop
  • After Sales Jewellery Technician
  • Independent Jeweller

  • Jewellery Entrepreneur (Creation or Purchase of a Business)


  • Interview with a training consultant
  • Aptitude test