Thematic coursesGemstones and PearlsUnderstanding gemmology



Anyone wishing to gain an understanding of gemmology.


  • Learning the chemical properties of common gems, their classification and the notion of families
  • Understanding terms and vocabulary (European regulations, CIBJO)
  • Learning the standard gemmological testing techniques
  • Learning how to use the polariscope, the refractometer, the spectroscope and UV light
  • Keeping updated with a comprehensive overview of the world of gemmology and its latest developments: new treatments, new technologies, new issues, market trends…


  • Gems classification and notion of families
  • Study of common synthetic materials
  • Study of common inclusions in natural gems
  • Minerals morphological analysis using the polariscope
  • Refraction and refractometer
  • Gemstones observation
  • Light, colour, absorption and using the Chelsea filter
  • DAY 1
    • Introduction to natural gems and their inclusions.
  • DAY 2
    • Common imitations and synthetic materials.
  • DAY 3
    • Common gemstones.
  • DAY 4
    • Gems crystal systems and optical characteristics.
  • DAY 5
    • The refractometer and how to use it.
  • DAY 6
    • Pléochroïsm and the dichroscope.
  • DAY 7
    • Corundum (physical, chemical and optical properties, deposits, synthetics and treatments).
  • DAY 8
    • Emerald (physical, chemical and optical properties, deposits, synthetics and treatments).


  • Courses and workshops : use of standard gemmological equipment (binoculars, refractometer …), multiple samples observation.