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Those who already have a knowledge of diamonds or have followed the training « understanding diamond ».


  • In five days you will master diamond grading, the theory and the practice. You will be able to assess the quality of a diamond using the loupe and the microscope.


Each diamond is unique and its qualities are well defined through the “4Cs”. With this training largely devoted to observation and practice, you familiarize yourself with the diamond grading system used internationally: color, clarity, weight, size, luminescence, but also synthetics and treatments …

  • DAY 1
    • Diamond presentation, history, properties, crystallography, geology, mining processes, the market, simulants and imitations.
  • DAY 2
    • Diamond mass, scales, appraisals; proportions; diamonds colours (from colourless to nearly colourless and coloured diamonds). Learning to use diamond grading sets and observation of a large number of diamonds.
  • DAY 3
    • Inclusions and clarity grading. Names of inclusions, internal and external characteristics, clarity grades, creating plotting diagrams.
  • DAY 4
    • Cut grading, history of diamond cutting, old and modern cuts, the different steps of diamond cutting, proportions assessment, diamond cut grades, polish, symetry.
  • DAY 5
    • Synthetics and diamond treatments, history and identification.


  • Courses and workshops : use of standard gemmological equipment (binoculars, refractometer …), multiple samples observation.