“Do it yourself” A prestigious training session provided by BJO Formation

On April 24th, a Human Resources team from Boucheron honored us by coming to BJO Formation. This visit led to a day of discovery like no other.

After a short tour of the premises, the HR managers were introduced to the jewellery trade during a “Do It Yourself” training course. They shared a workshop session with current CAP students and were taught how to saw, file, drill and solder by a dedicated BJO Formation Professional.

Then, on May 10th, it was the Human Resources team from Tiffany&Co that came to discover the demands of a precise and meticulous craftsmanship.  Two “future experts” created a pretty heart-shaped keyring from start to finish.

Thanks to these “Do It Yourself” workshops, the HR teams were able to directly experience one of the many training options offered at BJO Formation which contribute to the development of skills and knowledge among all professionals in the jewellery industry.